Hi...I am MamaBear. Wife to a handsome hubster, Mama to my sunshine, animator, artist, blogger, home maker, sometimes superhero and most times hot mess. Welcome to my life.

I am the Mamabear of one precious daughter, who is now 8 months old. I have been married to the incredible Hubster for 3 years now and we have a happy, healthy, little home. I recently went back to my 9 to 5 desk job as an animator. But my main, most fulfilling, meaningful and by far most demanding job still remains, being a Mamabear. I have always known I wanted to be a Mom. Even from a very tiny age. The moment I became a Mom I felt my whole world click into place. And I have never felt more whole as a woman than I did the moment I became a mother. 

I come from a big, loud, crazy, tight-knit family and am a true family girl at heart. Family for me is quite simply everything. It is my core, my roots and my haven. The things I love most in life are time spent with my precious family and friends, animals, the salty air and the ocean, sunshine and giggles and of course good food.

The reason I started this blog was mainly to document my journey into mamahood. To write down and hold onto the little memories and moments that years would slowly steal from me. It was also to release, reassure and of course rant. Hopefully I can inspire and encourage you with my journey. And I urge you to please share your stories and advice too. The more we share as Mamas the more we learn and grow. We all have unique journeys we are on and we all face different challenges, but one thing that unites us as women, is that we are all strong and beautiful! And the world will hear us roar! 


We are proud. We are tough. We are brave. And we are fierce.



Bucket List
  • Swim with sharks

  • Get a tattoo

  • Travel around the world alone

  • Marry the man of my dreams

  • Become a Mama

  • Learn another language

  • Become a yoga guru

  • Learn how to scuba dive

  • Climb Table Mountain in Cape Town

  • Learn to ski

  • Be a mentor to someone

  • Work on a cruise liner

  • Make a dramatic difference in someone’s life

  • Ride in a hot air balloon

  • Visit the pyramids

  • Visit Victoria Falls, Zambia

  • Watch the migrations across the Serengeti

  • Watch the sun set in Mozam

  • Hire a house boat on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

  • Ride a camel

  • Eat the street market food in Asia

  • Eat a curry in India

  • Walk the Great Wall of China

  • Ride a bicycle through Central Park

  • See a Broadway show in New York

  • See an Opera show

  • Start journaling

  • Visit Disneyland, Florida

  • Walk the strip in Las Vegas

  • See the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

  • Surf in  California

  • Attend Coachella Music Festival (California)

  • Go on an African safari

  • Start a successful business

  • Find a career I love

  • Visit the Grand Canyon skywalk in Arizona

  • Cycle across the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco

  • Visit Buckingham Palace in London, UK

  • Rescue an animal

  • Buy a first home

  • Swim with dolphins

  • Go to in Monaco

  • Eat pasta, pizza and gelato in Italy

  • Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy

  • Cycle through Amsterdam

  • Visit the xxx streets of Amsterdam

  • Watch a rugby match in another country

  • Eat a bougatsa in Greece

  • Sail the Mediterranean

  • Become an organ donor

  • See the Northern Lights

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris

  • Take a cruise through the Caribbean

  • Visit Atlantis in the Bahamas

  • Lie on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

  • Snorkel in Mauritius

  • Stay in a water bungalow in Maldives

  • Visit every continent





       North America

       South America​

Quote me, baby



My family, my precious husband, our special baby girl, my incredible friends, the beach - sun, sea and sand, kisses, cooking and baking for my friends and family, interior decor and making my home a warm happy place to be, creating beautiful things, dogs, animals, planning parties, socialising and hosting, cuddling, a good book and my girls book club, sunsets and sunrises, travel, my bed, oh wow, I love my bed, shopping, sushi, gin & tonics in the sunshine, flowers and looking after myself and growing.


Dishonesty, jealousy, dirt and mess, being late (it makes me so anxious), the cold, shooters, fear, people putting people down, public speaking, people who are ungrateful, negativity, arrogance and entitlement.


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