I Am A Spelling And Grammar Fiend

And I am so sorry!

Ok so I have always loved to read and write. When I was younger I would write the cutest, little short stories and envisioned becoming a fancy author. I always enjoyed English in school and got great marks...but I have never been able to spell!!! And my grammar game has always been weak.

I really do try my best. And spell check is like gold to me. But sometimes I spell the word right but use it in the wrong context and spell check betrays me and over looks the error. Sigh...Mamas it is a ligit problem for me. I don't feel the fiery passion some people feel for spelling an grammar. If I did I am sure I would be better. But I really enjoy getting the words out and telling a story. I enjoy getting the whirlwind in my mind into neat ordered sentences and getting them on the screen for all of you to read. That is my passion. For me that is where the fun is and I enjoy each second of it.

And even though I am content with this weakness of mine. I am happy to carry on and keep trying. Learning as I go. But I really do feel bad for those of you who are, what I affectionately call my "grammar dictators" (this is honestly said with love), because reading my blog or even my Insta feed must be torturous for you. I am sure many have deleted my blog and blocked me on Insta because I must be so annoying with my misspent words and badly constructed sentences...but for those of you who have stuck around, thank you. I am so grateful and I understand the strength it has taken. I get it and I am sorry. I appreciate your support and that you can overlook my weakness and simply enjoy what I have to say.

I am here and I am trying. I am human and I have flaws and weaknesses. But I am ok with that. Any of you Mamas feel my pain, cause grammar is difficult or are you more of a grammar dictators who gets triggered by my haphazard English. Either way I love you all for sticking around! Hee hee. Sorry...not sorry.

"Synonym - A word used in place of the one you can't spell." Unknown



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