Our little Library

Cause reading is the bees knees guys!!

Let's read!

Reading books to children is a big deal Mamas. Not only does it allow for a special bonding time between you and your babes, in our busy daily lives. But more importantly it stimulates our little ones imagination, creativity and expands their understanding of the world and varied topics. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word, helping to ready them for school. Reading enhances a child's concentration and grows their thirst for knowledge. As well as helping develop their empathy, which is so important. There are so many benefits of reading to our children, it seems crazy not to. Right?

We have always read to our little sunshine. I even started when she was still a squishy in my tummy (weather she heard me or not is another story). Reading together has always been such a special time for us. And with me being a book worm myself, I wanted to instill that love for books and reading in my child. And guess what...I have! She just LOVES reading, she loves books. And I can see her little mind working as she looks at the bright pages of a book. I can almost feel her imagination expanding. It really makes my heart so happy.

On her first birthday we decided to make a little library in her room. A place where we could read together but also a place she could go by herself and choose her own book and read it. Her own little haven. And it was one of the best thing we ever did. She loves her library. And I will often find her staring at her shelves, hand on chin, saying, "Ummmmmmmm". While she deliberates which book she should read first.

I wanted to write this blog post because I really wanted to share with you where we got our shelves from, because we just adore them. There are so many local companies out there now, that create such beautiful, quality kiddies furniture and decor it is tough to choose where to go. But one of my favorites for kiddies furniture and decor has to be Simpy Child. They offer a wide range of furniture, decor, bedding, toys and even wall prints. All products are locally made, super trendy and of the highest quality. For me the very best part about the items they create, is the clean, simplicity of them. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, slightly OCD and when I fell pregnant, I dreaded having one of those homes with bright coloured, plastic kiddies furniture scattered everywhere (not that there is anything wrong with this, it just has never been my vibe). I like clean lines, simple colour and design and good quality products that will last. So all that bright colour and plastic, was a nightmare thought for me. With Simpy Child your home is still yours. It's still sleek, clean and classy! Yay!!! So when looking for a few shelves for our Sunshines books, Simpy Child was the first place we thought of...and let me tell you we were not disappointed. Thanks to them we have the cutest little library in town.

These are the shelves we got...Guys how stinking cute are they!

The shelves we decided on are called the Book Display Cases (above). They are priced at R380 to R430, depending on whether you choose the plain or painted option. They are made of pine and are an easy way to arrange and display a selection of your kids favorite books. I love them because your kids are able to choose their own books as they are able to clearly see the front cover, and they can easily pull them out and put them back. I can safely say, (and we have had these shelves for almost a year now) that they are of such great quality and are really just perfect for any little one. Please do yourselves a favor ago check out their site. They have such cute things available. See our shelves in action below.

In her own little world.

Hee hee, this pic looks like I have tiny feet.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” - Dr. Seuss



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